Death by 242 Steps & Heat Stroke

January 4, 2009 at 6:13 am | Posted in Hints & Tips, Weight | 2 Comments

Why do this to ourselves?

So, in an attempt to deal with the binge of some 30+ Ferrero Rochers on Xmas Day, an ever increasing backside & waistline I decided last Sunday that a bit of exercise was in order (and on a more regular basis).

With that in mind, I conned / cojoled a friend around the corner into going for a gentle stroll at Jacob’s Ladder on Monday Morning.

What is Jacob’s Ladder anyway?

Now there are a few things you should know about Jacob’s Ladder before we get into this:

  1. It is situated in Cliff Street, at the top of King’s Park in Perth on the side of Mt Eliza.
  2. It has 242 steps
  3. Over 100 years old
  4. Routinely used by sadistic personal trainers to flog the last ounce of will  to live from paying clients. Also used in pre-season by professional athletes such as footy and cricket players, as well as your average sports nut.
  5. It is used as a part of the Pain-athlon circuit
  6. Not designed for the faint of heart.

For some crazy reason, I decided that not only would I attempt Jacob’s for my first time, that I would also endeavour to record this experience for posterity.

The Experience

The Heatstroke

Well, that headache and all that sweat? Heatstroke. I ended up in bed all day in a dark room with cold flannels and sarongs, drinking drinking drinking. I drank 4L (and this is the gross bit) and didn’t pee til the day after. The headache was omg bad,¬† no amt of pain killers could touch it, and there was continual non-stop nausea. Wasn’t fun.

It took almost a week to start feeling “normal” again.

Who says exercise is good for you anyway?

The Hints & Tips for Jacob’s Ladder

  1. Take your water bottle
  2. Wear a hat & sunscreen
  3. Don’t look up at men walking down with short shorts – avert your gaze
  4. Stay left or you will get over it
  5. You are a freak if you run this
  6. If you are a man don’t do this in a pair of bike shorts and nothing else…it’s not attractive for the reset of us – unless you are Brad Pitt of course – but even that is a stretch
  7. Have breakfast that is a bit healthier than clinkers and coca-cola
  8. Don’t stop half-way, it’s hard to get started again
  9. Don’t do it on a stinking hot day (you would think that was obvious wouldn’t you)
  10. Maybe take your ipod to distract you from the pain (not record the experience like this!)
  11. Don’t lug giant camera equipment with you. Carry as little as possible

7 Days Later

Today is the first day I am not sore from this! Phenomenal.


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