Drinking & Reading

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I just read an article on the dangers of drinking….
Scared the shit out of me.
So that’s it!
After today, no more reading


Flip Mino Camcorder

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Dinner Party Visitor Tip #1

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Do not demonstrate to your host just how sharp his/her kitchen knives really aren’t.

3 times across the palm of the hand is ok – but that 4th for emphasis? Don’t go there


Source: Ferdi’s World

The Sunday "Fat Pants" Drama

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Ok …


…I am the first to admit that I have put on some weight of late…



….did I think, the old faithful, Bridget Jones fat pants would let me down on a “fat day” when I had to go to the pub with friends and be surrounded by hot men 😦 . I pretty much couldn’t get into them…..

I guess the impending new years resolutions just got something else added to the list 😦

Maybe it’s not me? Maybe I just need new clothes?


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