My Other Sites

I seem to collect associations with sites like other people collect stamps

Below are a list and brief summary of the sites associated with or are authored by me:


Learning in the Corporate World Blog – my very first blog. Based around trying to develop a learning culture in a large organisation (university in this case) using technology. Ironically, in an educational institution – a challenge 🙂

23 Things @ ECU Blog – this is the home site of the 23 Things program that will commence in 2009 for ECU staff. While it is relatively empty at the moment, a number of posts have already been developed and are waiting for publication on project start up.

Leadership Travels Blog – used for reflective practice (aka Kolb) during a unit of study in my Masters of Leadership and Management at Curtin Graduate School. While not actively using it at the moment, the intent is to use this on occasion to reflect on my behaviours and practices in the workplace.



JLP Mentoring Program wiki – currently I am the coordinator of the Joondalup Learning Precinct Mentoring Program, the highly successful cross-organisational program leading to amazing outcomes for mentees and mentors and participating organisations. 

web2point0atECU wiki – an infant site as yet not really touched. This will be a source / reference site of all things web2.0 for ECU staff


Podcast (Technolust) site – my personal podcast site, infrequently used, but much loved. When I DO load things up here, they are usually related to technology, education / learning and I really hate editing so generally unedited )

Professional Development @ ECU site – server based at ECU and podcasts are generally for the use of ECU staff. Well – it WAS there but the entire site seems to have disappeared into cyber space entirely! Doh! need to work out where the heck it’s gone (not administered by me!)


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