kicking the tomboy to the kerb – in funky 5” stilettos

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20090831_180313_TeaserBordelloI have oft wondered of late, if my inner & outer tomboy has finally been kicked to the kerb…by funky, retro, lime green stilettos no less!

This wondering is driven by what I consider to be the fairly recent development of a shoe fetish.  One that has long been apparent in all of my female friends and indeed more of my male friends than they would even care to admit. 

I always considered the following to be the bare essentials of my shoe cupboard:

  • Thongs
  • Blundstones
  • Sneakers (Asics Gel, are the only ones for me!)
  • Ugg boots
  • A pair of white heels, black heels for evening and formalish stuff, as well as some black and / or brown boots (all of the above interchangeable for work of course)
  • A pair of closed insensible work shoes, not going to die in the ditch about colour – neutral and dark, comfort is key.
  • Open formalish, sensible work shoes for summer (see above for rest of details)

As you can see, not overly girly, when all is said and done.

imageMy last pair of black “evening” shoes lasted me, mmmmm close to 8 years and they died about 4 years ago and to the best of my recollection have not as yet been replaced (there was a tragedy at the 2005 Melbourne Cup as you can see).


My “good” silver evening heels died about 2 years ago and again ……..not yet been replaced.  The death of my white heels is imminent to say the least (one might say they really are dead and I have in fact been walking on their corpses for some time now).

It appears that in the last 12 months…..I have found this place called Shoe Mecca.  I don’t technically see it as one place per say, but it is more of a conceptual place that ought to be worshipped at.  And boy………is THAT long overdue.  Holy crap.  It is a whole new world.  To the point….that today I have started giving some serious contemplation to starting an online business for shoes.  I have somewhat offbeat taste in shoes, which has always been a part of my problem in:

a) sourcing what I like

b) sourcing it when I like/need it (e.g. shoe death)

c) seasonality of crap shoes which tends to be 9 out of every 10 years in the world according to Sue

So… this space….it may go nowhere in terms of shoes online as a business……but damn it…… feet WILL be looking Glam!


Of Farewells, Frogs & Fears…….a fffffffffreaking oddish evening

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Our @hwakelam is running off to Melbourne with her family in tow. A big adventure for the Wakelams.  We had farewell drinks last night in East Perth. Met lots of new peeps, some of whom I have “known” on Twitter for a while. It’s always weird and nice to meet the real peeps behind the tweets.

Harry and I WILL be doing a rematch in Melbourne on my next visit for our

“I-can-drink-you-under-the-table-with-beer-and-not-drinking-water-or-eating-coz-thats -cheating-last-woman-standing-wins-challenge”

image  image

Good luck Harry – gonna miss the grizzles and gossiping over lunch and daiquiris!


I got home from dropping off Harriet and there was a frog at my front door.

A large one.

Made of plastic.

And….its really kind of well, ugly.

From my 80 year old neighbour from a verge-side collection for my garden :(. I named him Sid after the neighbour… wondering if I can hide it deep in the garden where it will get overgrown? Ugh how the hell do I get out of THIS?

DSC_0057  DSC_0060   


There is not much that really phases me in life, in terms of the normal kinds of things that others are phobic about.

  • I have swum with Great White Sharks on 3 occasions that I am know about and once was with no cage (it wasn’t actually intentional let me assure you).
  • I have worked in the muddy, monsoonal rivers off Cairns and far North Queensland.  When I say worked in, I mean literally – up to my armpits…….with BIG saltwater crocs.
  • Redback in my knickers the other week. I have removed huntsmen spiders off my giant mate who is a hard core trucker with the beard and everything. He was screaming like a baby. Pfft.
  • In my last place of employment I had to catch and kill a mouse because the entire office was screaming and (i am not joking here) standing on tables and chairs…..and there were about 15 people in that office…..only 3 of which were women…I got my “Lara Croft” nickname that day.

Spiders, rats, mice, snakes, lizards, sharks, crocs……..not a problem.

2 things I don’t do…..EVER:

1) heights

2) cockroaches

The only dissection in my entire university career I never was able to complete was the cockroach.

I almost froth at the mouth with panic just thinking about them.

My traditional methods of killing roaches are thus:

a) using half a can of insect killer….literally…I spray them until they are about 3 inches high in foam.

b) a yellow pages from a great height – gravity, mass & acceleration ARE your friends!

c) get someone else to do it

Disposal of the corpse……….is always done by someone else. I remember one sat dead on the floor bang in the middle of the lounge, under a yellow pages for 2 weeks once. Ugh

A cockroach once bit me on the webbing of my foot between my big toe and my second toe. It was in my ugg boot when I was camping. Never knew they bite. Let me just say – it hurt like a freaking dog for a week! It felt like my foot was on fire the entire time!

So…the point of all this roach stuff?

I got home last night from Harriets farewell to Perth drinks……..guess what I saw in the spare room (this set of villas drives me nuts. If one person has a roach prob, we ALL get them. Shits me to tears really)?

A roach the size of a miniature freaking miniature pony!

I ran screaming (not something I am in the habit of) from the room and hid in the bathroom shaking for about 15 mins.

Given the spare room is a bit smallish and the spare bed fills most of the space, any attempt to find and inflict a roach exorcism was nigh on impossible, not to mention the inevitable foaming mouth.

God bless late night servos. 

Roach baits. I bought 2 boxes and threw the baits in the room and slammed the door shut with a towel on the floor against the crack.  I might go in there in a week and see if it’s dead yet.

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