Of Farewells, Frogs & Fears…….a fffffffffreaking oddish evening

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Our @hwakelam is running off to Melbourne with her family in tow. A big adventure for the Wakelams.  We had farewell drinks last night in East Perth. Met lots of new peeps, some of whom I have “known” on Twitter for a while. It’s always weird and nice to meet the real peeps behind the tweets.

Harry and I WILL be doing a rematch in Melbourne on my next visit for our

“I-can-drink-you-under-the-table-with-beer-and-not-drinking-water-or-eating-coz-thats -cheating-last-woman-standing-wins-challenge”

image  image

Good luck Harry – gonna miss the grizzles and gossiping over lunch and daiquiris!


I got home from dropping off Harriet and there was a frog at my front door.

A large one.

Made of plastic.

And….its really kind of well, ugly.

From my 80 year old neighbour from a verge-side collection for my garden :(. I named him Sid after the neighbour… wondering if I can hide it deep in the garden where it will get overgrown? Ugh how the hell do I get out of THIS?

DSC_0057  DSC_0060   


There is not much that really phases me in life, in terms of the normal kinds of things that others are phobic about.

  • I have swum with Great White Sharks on 3 occasions that I am know about and once was with no cage (it wasn’t actually intentional let me assure you).
  • I have worked in the muddy, monsoonal rivers off Cairns and far North Queensland.  When I say worked in, I mean literally – up to my armpits…….with BIG saltwater crocs.
  • Redback in my knickers the other week. I have removed huntsmen spiders off my giant mate who is a hard core trucker with the beard and everything. He was screaming like a baby. Pfft.
  • In my last place of employment I had to catch and kill a mouse because the entire office was screaming and (i am not joking here) standing on tables and chairs…..and there were about 15 people in that office…..only 3 of which were women…I got my “Lara Croft” nickname that day.

Spiders, rats, mice, snakes, lizards, sharks, crocs……..not a problem.

2 things I don’t do…..EVER:

1) heights

2) cockroaches

The only dissection in my entire university career I never was able to complete was the cockroach.

I almost froth at the mouth with panic just thinking about them.

My traditional methods of killing roaches are thus:

a) using half a can of insect killer….literally…I spray them until they are about 3 inches high in foam.

b) a yellow pages from a great height – gravity, mass & acceleration ARE your friends!

c) get someone else to do it

Disposal of the corpse……….is always done by someone else. I remember one sat dead on the floor bang in the middle of the lounge, under a yellow pages for 2 weeks once. Ugh

A cockroach once bit me on the webbing of my foot between my big toe and my second toe. It was in my ugg boot when I was camping. Never knew they bite. Let me just say – it hurt like a freaking dog for a week! It felt like my foot was on fire the entire time!

So…the point of all this roach stuff?

I got home last night from Harriets farewell to Perth drinks……..guess what I saw in the spare room (this set of villas drives me nuts. If one person has a roach prob, we ALL get them. Shits me to tears really)?

A roach the size of a miniature freaking miniature pony!

I ran screaming (not something I am in the habit of) from the room and hid in the bathroom shaking for about 15 mins.

Given the spare room is a bit smallish and the spare bed fills most of the space, any attempt to find and inflict a roach exorcism was nigh on impossible, not to mention the inevitable foaming mouth.

God bless late night servos. 

Roach baits. I bought 2 boxes and threw the baits in the room and slammed the door shut with a towel on the floor against the crack.  I might go in there in a week and see if it’s dead yet.


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