So who is Sue Hickton really?

I have a wide ranging variety of passions (read obsessions) and I really DO need at least another 4 – 5 decades of life to come close to satiation for the things I am passionate about. The image below is a fair representation of the things in life I am obsessed with about.

who am i

So what is this blog about?

Originally this blog was developed to investigate the application of web2.0 technologies to professional development of staff at universities. I have changed the name, as the scope (all things geeky and techno related, and anything else I feel I need to write about) has shifted. Hopefully it will add some value or be of some interest to others besides myself!

Key Pages

  • Web2.0 – looking at all things Web2.0, more importantly the use of emerging technologies in their application to the professional development of university staff in a non- teaching and learning context.
  • Virtual Worlds – Using my virtual world EQ2, to reflect upon issues such as leadership and communication.
  • BrainDrain – just dribble of no real relevance as it comes to mind.
  • EduBlogWrestling – Edublogs in itself is a challenge! Info to help other Edublogs users.
  • BlogDictionary – I have already come unstuck with blog terminology, hope this helps someone.

More about me….hell it’s an opportunity right?

Fish & Sharks: I have always been obsessed ever since I can remember about fish and sharks. Normal families read bed time stories to their kids about Hansel and Gretel, the 3 bears etc. I used to be tucked in with stories about Rodney Fox being bitten by the Great White. I know where I got that obsession from. In 2004 I did a dive trip in South Australia with the Great Whites. One of the top 3 experiences of my life. I went again in Aug 2007 and will post the pics of my trip on my flicker site. The fish obsession was always an obvious pathway to a career.

Sport: I am a mad keen sport nut, both playing and watching. I have played water polo for the last 15 years and I play for Dolphin’s Water Polo Club in Perth, Western Australia. Dolphin’s is the oldest water polo club in Australia and celebrates its 60th Anniversary in 2007. We have a long history of international reps and currently are home to both the men’s and women’s national team goal keepers. James Stanton and Emma Knox represented Australia at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games and 2008 Beijing Olympics. They are both currently ranked the number 1 keepers in the world. Emma came home with a Bronze medal! I went to the 2000 Sydney Olympic games with my friend Sam Gavan, and saw Australia win the gold medal by 1 goal in literally the last second of the game. WOOT!

I love Aussie Rules football. No other game on earth comes close. I am a die hard West Coast Eagles and Claremont fan. Last year, in 2006, I sat on a bus for 3 days and 3 nights across Australia, to see my boys win the 2006 Premiership flag by 1 point from the Sydney Swans. Lost my voice for a week. Then had to sit on the same bus for a further 3 days and 3 nights to come home. THAT is passion and commitment.

Moe 6Family: Only child of military parents. We have a sulphur-crested cockatoo called Moe, who mum and dad got from the nest before they married – he is 4 years older than me and will live to over 100. He is my brother, and like the rest of my family, I am bird crazy.

My Inner – or is that Outer Geek Streak: Ok, yes, I am a self confessed geek. Star wars came out when I was 5 and a half years old, and had seen it 3 times with my dad by the time I was 6. No idea how many times I have seen it now. I love all things sci-fi, from Star Wars to Star Trek, Buffy to Firefly. I was programming computers in basic at 11 and think thats where it all started. I love any techo gadgets or software and my idea of a good holiday is teaching myself how to use new equipment and software (maybe with some diving on the side).

Career- Where did I come from and how did I get here?

I am currently employed at Edith Cowan University in Perth, Western Australia as the Manager. It has been a long journey getting to this point as I am actually a Marine Biologist by qualification and profession. After many years working in industry I worked at WA Maritime Training Centre (Challenger TAFE) as an aquaculture lecturer.

This led me down the path into flexible and online learning and thus my love affair with all things techo began. During my 3.5 years at Challenger, I was heavily involved in numerous LearnScope projects as well as being a 2003 Flexible Learning Leader. I am having a wild stab here, but I was possibly the first person globally to deliver aquaculture (fish farming) online! [Get your head around that one!].

my career journey

When I left Challenger to move on to ECU, I handed my online responsibilities to Sue Waters who has to date, most certainly outgrown what I had done :). For future reference, our students to differentiate their two ‘Sue’ lecturers, referred to us as ‘Good’ Sue (Sue Waters) and ‘Evil’ Sue (myself).


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