How do you know when enough really IS enough?

November 11, 2009 at 5:29 pm | Posted in Life, Reality Bites, Vent | 1 Comment
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When you are told by a well meaning & lovely colleague:

“in order to get the job done, you do what you have to do”

…this, after having done 40 straight hours without sleep, slept 6 h, not showered or eaten (breakfast, lunch OR dinner at point of writing THIS), sat straight back down at the computer and kept going….oh yeah after spending the previous 3 days, 2 of which were the weekend helping other colleagues get important work done.  Talk to the HAND…..Enough! Don’t even talk to me about MONDAY!

….after 4 weeks off  sick as a dog basically (well 3 and a week of half days)


Then, you know it really is enough.

As another dear colleague would say;

I am OV-AH – IT

P.S. TEN years of 100 h + and THEN some, weeks would also suggest that I may have perhaps have done what I needed to have done? And knew what had to be done? And that it was important that it got done? And got it done.  More done than anyone else in fact on many many occassions. I think it is enough.  I have had enough. Enough hours, enough work, enough of my life sucked up by meaningless drival as I sit here now coughing (of which I have had enough).  Enough of what is not important. Enough.

For the record

I am done

Enough said

do what you have to do


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  1. I agree Sue. If the corporate world slowed down a little, the whole world would be a little happier and 0.000000001% less wealthy. I can live with that.


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